Dallas native TYPO channels his inner bass-house beast with "Stuntin'," an all-out dancefloor rager. Out now on PRIME, this is the high-octane track we all needed this summer season.

With Texas heating up to 100 degrees this week, PRIME makes it even hotter with a new release from TYPO, aptly named "Stuntin'." Take Your Pants Off (TYPO for short) has been slaying sets across the Dallas area showing off his DJing chops at shows ranging from house to dubstep. "Stuntin'" is a mesh of all these genres, making this a quintessential track for any set. Check it out below.

From the opening minute, "Stuntin'" doesn't play around. TYPO takes bass growls and synths from the dirtiest dubstep samples and incorporates a heart-thumping house beat, morphing the track into a bass house massive. Never stepping off the gas pedal, TYPO gives Jauz a run for his money in the bass house genre. If people have been wondering what to play during the highpoint of their sets, "Stuntin'" is a good bet to keep the crowd at peak level.         

The unbridled energy emanating from each second of TYPO's "Stuntin" is proof that life is better with no pants on and we should all take note this summer season. Grab some friends, take your pants off and "Stunt" through this summer season.


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Contributor: Alex Zimmerman