Trashar makes you "Bop That Ass" in newest release

He may be only 15, but New Zealand artist Trashar is already impressing people, especially in new release "Bop That Ass." Out now on PRIME, "Bop That Ass" blends shrieking synths and slapping bass together to create a truly experimental take on trap music. 

Opening like its being heard at the end of a hall, "Bop That Ass" drops right next to you with shrieking synths and a head-bobbing bass melody. Mumbling vocal samples keep the pace between drops giving the track that mob-like sound quality.

Cue the air horns as the breakdown takes the track to a new level of experimentation. Bass womps through the speakers while the shrieking synths tear through the highs of speakers everywhere.

Trashar may not be on your radar yet, but he really should. At 15, he has plenty of growth ahead of him and positions himself as being a frontrunner of the growing experimental genre. Check out "Bop That Ass" now and give Trashar a follow across all social media sites.


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