Taylor + Zander Transcend Normality in “Show Me"

“Show Me” is Taylor and Zander's most intricate and emotional track to date. The chilled out atmosphere is the groundwork to this breakbeat wonder, blurring the lines between the ambient and breaks genres.

Just like both of their lives, “Show Me” has humble beginnings, treating every ear to a soothing opening, perfect for the late-night listen. Continually building on itself, a breaks style drum sample grows in the speakers before dropping a heavy bass line accentuating the breakbeat drums. Never losing the ambient feel however, Zander + Taylor cohesively intertwine every sample with the created atmosphere.

“Show Me” culminates in the breakdown as Taylor and Zander show their true selves, driven and emotional people, hoping to inspire the music industry one beat at a time. Driving bass lines, melodic break samples and emotional vocal samples, they leave everything in the ears of the listener, diving to depths that are not found in many tracks. Leaving the listener raw and in awe, “Show Me” finishes just as ambient as it started out. The final seconds pass by, leaving listeners wishing the track would never end.

Taylor and Zander transcend normality in “Show Me,” expertly intertwining genres we didn’t even know needed to be combined.

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Contributed by: Alex Zimmerman