Based out of L.A. and founder of Home Records, Slow Graffiti, presents 'Birds'. Furious bass slaps throughout the track, weaving through like birds fluttering through the mids and highs. Vocal chops build into intricate combinations of synth and bass, just like each bird's signature call. Here we see Slow Graffiti's signature style in full swing on this banger of a tune, making 'Birds' your newest trap obsession.  

Every once in a while, a track makes us wonder if we've heard it before. You might have that same feeling with "Birds," the newest single from Slow Graffiti on PRIME's label. The vocal chops in the beginning, the thumping bass throughout or the powerful mids at the drop, something seems familiar. Though it sounds familiar, this track is a Slow Graffiti original.

So what makes this track "original" then? "Birds" incorporates these familiar sounds in a way that has not been heard before. Pushing the boundaries of Trap and Bass music, Slow Graffiti builds the track into a complex piece of art, which gets better each time you press play.

slow graffiti

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