Skintrest Stertia omen artwork edit.jpg

coming at your ears with forceful bass and deep synths, skintrest & stertia have a dark trap monster on their hands in “omen.” with unrelenting heavy bass kicks, this slow beat heater transforms the listeners into a mob, controlling movements with the grim melody. high pitched airy arpeggios compliment the low, growling synths creating a dark and massive track in “omen.” Check it out below.

starting the track with creepy arps, “Omen” wastes no time introducing the listener to the dark overtones of the track. Light drums build into the :30 second mark as Skintrest & Stertia drops the track into fiery and hellish trap beats. Heavy bass kicks rule over the listener as unrelenting low synth chords annihilate the ears. The creepy high pitched arps prance around the mid range dark melody, that seems to have been chopped apart.

Breaking out of the never ending dark barrage, Skintrest & Stertia return to the introduction before plunging into an even deeper drop near the 2 minute mark. The creepy arps return but in a muted tone, symbolizing the rising darkness taking over any hope of light. The mid range melody was left behind leaving a drum kit beat that follows the prevalent heavy kicks and low synths. Ending in the depths of the track, “Omen” Abandons the listener, where they will remain, never returning from the grim dark corners “omen” left them to.

Check out Skintrest’s & Stertia’s massive track “Omen” which is out now on PRIME. Give them a follow on socials to stay up to date on their latest tracks and more.