Patch Notes Opts For Grime in Null EP

Patch Notes relishes in the grimy beats in their newest EP, Null. Incorporating different styles while creating a cohesive, dirty EP; Patch Notes' EP is perfect for the late night drives through the city.

The first track off Patch Notes' Null; ".opt" is a fresh take on the merging of grime, DnB, breaks and trap genres. Anticipation sets in from the opening seconds. Cohesively melding each subsequent riff together, the track takes the shape of a race ready to be run.

Weaving in and out of a downtown road, Patch Notes represents each vehicle with its own riff. Drifting around corners with a little "waaah," Patch Notes expertly drives the breaks style beat into the trap drop at 1:30. Keeping the listeners focused in ".opt," Patch Notes slams the pedal into the next track.

The mid-tempo "var" is the heaviest of the trio, shifting gears from the liquid sounds of "Opt" into a chopped garage pleasure. After cruising through downtown, Patch Notes' vehicle is in need of a tune-up. Dirty sounds emanate from "var" invoking memories of grinding bolts, you can imagine the vehicle being stripped down and rebuilt, piece by piece.

Null's final track "tmp" completes the vehicle tune-up from "var," adding the final touches to Null with a bass thumping house track. "Tmp" opens with staccato bass notes, emphasizing the hammering being done. Samples exude from all sides, enticing listeners for the big reveal. Building at 1:50, the reveal of the finished vehicle is found at 2:08 with heart-throbbing, club-thumping bass. Expertly piecing each sample into the track, Patch Notes never loses the listener's focus.

Driving off into the night, Patch Notes delivers in all 3 tracks on Null, creating a cohesive and exquisite EP. It's hard to find artists willing to experiment within one track, let alone an entire EP, setting Patch Notes apart. If you haven't heard of him yet, it's time to get familiar.  

Get Patch Notes Null EP, throw it on in your vehicle and bump through your city streets now. If you this EP. check out the rest of PRIME's stellar releases on our website and remember to give Patch Notes a follow across all social platforms. 

Patch Notes

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Contributed by: Alex zimmerman