Dallas' own Pass the 40 lights the dancefloor up with his newest release, "GotDamn," out now on PRIME.

If you thought Detroit, Berlin or Sweden were the only locations for that techno/tech house style, you've been sleeping on Dallas' own Pass the 40. His new track, "GotDamn" is a tech beater, begging for the dancefloor. Out now on PRIME, this one is a track to never forget.

A massive beat starts from the second "play" is pressed, adding in the vocal sample of the track just as you mouth the words "Got Damn." Building on the monster melody with handclaps and some marimba, a heavy offbeat synth quickly overtakes and builds into the thumping drop sending the dancefloor into an all out rage.

The drop hits and all I can imagine is a massive dancefloor screaming "Woah" as lasers and lights flash across their faces. Hips shaking to the beat, hands in the air, it's probably a billion degrees in the club but no one cares.

Relentlessly smashing dancefloors locally, Pass the 40 is not a stranger to some with other releases on Perfect Driver and most recently Main Course. He can next be seen spinning at our LOLO Hometown Showcase on January 5th at The Nines. Tickets are below. Give some love to Pass the 40's socials as well. GotDamn, this track is nasty...

Pass the 40

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