Mannequin's 'Jack My Flow' receives genre-bending 6 track remix EP

Back in June, Mannequin graced PRIME with an eccentric footwork tune "Jack My Flow." The impressive 5 minute venture had producers catching the remix bug which PRIME is proud to present today. Culminating in a 6 track EP spanning house, trap, footwork, halftime dnb and bass genres, 'Jack My Flow' certainly had producers jackin' Mannequin's flow. Check all 6 out below.

GANGSIGNS opens the EP in a big way with a twerk trap heater destined for a mid-set dance off. The quick paced synths of the original are replaced with massive bass hits and horns creating a dark atmosphere for Gangsigns to emerge from.

MoonDoctoR gives the original a tech-house flip prepped perfectly for the dance floor. Thumping bass lines and the simple synth melody dance around the ears, creating shufflers' dream house track.

Keeping in line with the original, DJ Manny gives it a bit of a footwork update, removing the "drop" in order to strut his stuff with a consistently building remix. Completely mesmerized by the speed of the track, it finishes leaving you scrambling for the 'Back' button to listen again.

Bames, meanwhile, merges experimental bass and footwork together in a way that is new to our ears. Bames keeps up with the Mannequin original, adding in massive bass hits over the original's quick-paced melody.

PRIME's very own NIK P has a massive on his hand, popularizing the relatively unknown halftime (drum & bass) and beats genres. The genre may be unfamiliar now, but after listening to Nik P's exquisite take on 'Jack My Flow,' it may become your new obsession. Super fat synth and bass lines exude from the speakers, giving the low end the workout it needs.

Dev79 rounds out the EP with a wonky and grimey take on the original. Splattering the ears with powerful synths and its quick pace, it's a fitting end to this experimental remix EP.

Bending, merging and introducing genres, the 'Jack My Flow' Remix EP exemplifies what PRIME tries to achieve with each release. This isn't your "normal" sounding music, but it will quickly become your favorite to listen to. Check out all the remixes above and make sure to drop a like on all your favorite artists' pages.


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