Kabuki and NGHT DRPS channel their inner dub with newest release "From The Top"

Kabuki's and NGHT DRPS's newest track "From The Top" feels like a blast from the past. The ambient dubstep style that was the rage in the early 2000s makes its return in 2018 with PRIME's newest release. Rumbling low-ends and iconic grimy "waahs" are apparent throughout, driving the piece to its fruition.

From the opening seconds, the German natives captivate the aural senses, crafting a semi-simple melody that never misses a beat. The low-ends pack an ever-present punch that weaves around the speakers, creating a full 360 degree spectacle.

"From The Top" may not be the most intricate track ever created, but it has something that countless tracks don't nowadays... soul. Do you find yourself head-bobbing to the rumbling low-end of the piece? Or how about smirking at every "waah" the synth plays out? That's the soul. The ambient and dark overtones emanating from Kabuki and NGHT DRPS fingertips are ever-present in the track, making "From The Top" an instantly replayable classic.

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Contributed by: Alex Zimmerman