J-Shadow’s aurora / dimension 11 EP is a complex, experimental MIX OF club and grime


If someone could define J-shadow’s aurora / dimension 11 genre for us, we’re still looking for one. Complex Bass? Intelligent bass music? experimental ambient? Whatever genre it is, J-SHADOW takes listeners on an esoteric, space journey in this 2 side experimental club release, capitalizing on spaced-out samples and complex bass wobbles. Drawing influence from the grime and experimental genres, silence and ambience compliment the sections of intense, mind molding sounds in "Aurora" and "Dimensions 11.” Listen below.

An experiment through and through, J-shadow makes your subs and tweeters workout the entire ep. The only reprieve are the beats of silence, a brief breath before the meteoric bass comes crashing into your ears. each track seems separated into two parts and yet cohesively form the full story of the EP; a space battle ending in a transcendental ambient minute of heaven.

“aurora’s” opening of bass is a shock to the ears while the space induced highs circle around the speakers. J-Shadow drops a meteor shower of samples at the 2 minute mark, Flying past quickly. “Aurora” builds from the depths, leading to a euphoric, sparkly daze which is interrupted by grimy samples. the battle is on. gun, lasers and high pitched explosion samples are heard everywhere, giving the illusion of being in a space battle.

the final 20 seconds are dominated by eerie, broken radio transmission sounds and scratches; signaling that the battle has ceased. The “aurora” has been destroyed.

premiered by loose lips on the 7th, “Dimensions 11” picks up the story where “aurora” ended, starting with the low ends rumbling. a ship comes by the wreckage in space, scanning for anything of use. complex bass reverberates; massaging and stretching the speakers to their limits while transcendental highs are heard behind the banging mid samples.

the 3 minute mark changes the track. eerie, alien highs pass by overhead, absorbing everything in their path. the engines/subs rattle the bones in your body before boom! j-shadow drops the combination of all the sounds you’ve heard in the EP into a complex, experimental beat. you’ve been abducted by the sound.

the last minute is an ambient halo on the track as heavenly synths seem to lift you up, taking you into the promised land of bright lights and the unknown, abducting you from the dark bleakness of space, CApping the Dual-track EP off.

this Genre-defying ep reaches beyond our wildest imaginations, grasping at whatever and whichever sounds fresh, new and exciting. J-Shadow’s aurora/dimensions 11 ep shows us yet again that just when we think we’ve heard everything, something new comes by and changes the entire game.

contributed by Alex Zimmerman