Lo Death  —  pulling from the deepest and darkest elements of Lo-Fi and fusing it with jazz influences, the duo creates their own aptly named, "Deathcore" genre with this release. Track names like "Spliffs with Satan," "Voodoo Magic" and "Doomsday" amplify the sinister and deadly sounds radiating from each track. Beware of what's coming. 


PRIME had the opportunity to speak with Jared and Dylan regarding their beginnings as Drevm and the story behind their sound.

PRIME: Give us some insight into how Drevm initially formed. Where are you from, how long have you been producing for and how did you decide on the name?

DREVM: We started Drevm about two years ago, but we went by Animal House back then. We got inspired by Carnage's festival trap remixes and decided to learn the ropes of producing and making beats. About a year later, we were forced to change our name to Drevm, (pronounced "Drevum"), because of issues we ran into with the name Animal House. When we changed our name, we went silent for a bit to find our style. We ended up finding our style when we saw Woolymammoth for the first time - after that show, we made our first solo original, called "4am". We named that track "4am" because after the show, we made the whole track at 4am. After that first track, it all went up from there.

PRIME: Tell us about some of the influences behind your “Lo Death” EP. Why do you lean towards a dark sound?

DREVM: Some of the artists that have influenced our Lo Death EP are Tsuruda, Cousin Litt and Woolymammoth. Another major influence for the EP is horror movies and scores. Movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Mother, and It Follows have had a huge impact on our music. Also, I guess you could say we have been into the more dark and weird side of music for a while now. We have been into screamo, hardcore, deathcore and metalcore for a long time and it always interests us how artists incorporate a darker, more intense presence within those genres. So, the reason we lean towards a darker, more unique sound is because it's what seems to intrigue us the most. $uicideboy$, Ghostmane, Pouya, Fat Nick and that group of artists are what we are listening to at the moment, so we have been gathering ideas from them also.

PRIME: What can we hope to hear from you following this EP? Do you have any collabs or another EP lined up for 2018?

DREVM: This EP will be full of our Deathcore style, but also it premiers a newer style we call Lo Death. Lo Death is a Lo-Fi, more jazz oriented style mixed in with our Deathcore style. We have tons of releases lined up for 2018. We have collabs with Soulecist, 662607004, DJ Ride, Gehenna, Mishap, Totto, T1r, William., and other artists. We also will have a ton of solo work coming - remixes of Noisia, Ivy Lab, $uicideboy$, Lil Peep and more coming out soon along with a bunch of originals. Lastly, we are looking to release an EP or two in 2018. So...safe to say we will be quite busy. On top of all of this, we will start playing shows soon too.


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