Favade and Acres “Tension” feeds our dark techno obsession in their latest release

You might mistake this for Rezz but trust us, it isn’t. Australian producers Favade and ACRES join forces for an intense new track, “Tension,” out now on PRIME.

Inspired by the industrial / mid-tempo style popularized by Gesaffelstein and Rezz, the up and coming producers lay down a massive buildup starting from the opening seconds, growing throughout the two drops. The first drop sets the stage for the crowd to jump to the beat as the bass rattles venues and attendees alike.

An ode to Porter’s live edit of “Fresh Static Snow” invades the second drop as Favade and Acres let loose everything for the final 30 seconds. Music combining the styles of Gesaffelstein, Rezz and Porter is something rarely heard and a fantasy for millions including my own and the duo succeeded flawlessly.

Similarities aside, “Tension” is a new benchmark in the Mid-tempo / industrial techno scene that is quickly gaining steam. Dark & heavy basslines flourish in this track, layered with familiar Acid & techno stabs that give it a heavy industrial feel, all while moving at the perfect mid tempo that is guaranteed to make your head nod to the beat. 

“Tension” is my newest obsession, let it become yours.


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