Dehousy brings PRIME To the Jungle with New EP, From A Past Life

Hints of Progressive, Tech and House music are found in Dehousy’s new EP, From A Past Life, but nothing overtakes the Jungle tones. Out now on PRIME, the Paris native’s From A Past Life EP blends these genres into a powerful, dance floor ready, jungle dream. Listen to it below.

Dehousy is our guide on this jungle tour as the title track, “From A Past Life,” steers us into the jungle with waning industrial synth and the booming, echoing jungle drums. Leaving the listener at the brink of civilization, the energy rises with each beat, guiding us closer to the “Interzone.”

“Interzone” further integrates the jungle sounds, abandoning the synth in the track prior. Pressing the BPM like we’re running downhill, natural claps and bongo bass take over, representing the listener reaching the inner jungle on the tour. Dehousy guides the listener to the doorstep of the “New Order.”

from-a-past-life-artwork v1.jpg

The heart of the EP, “New Order” is jungle through and through. Chanting vocal samples emerge from the depths of the track before Dehousy drops a foot-stomping minimal beat, fully enveloping the listener in the thick jungle. The listeners emerge from it fully integrated into the “New Order” Dehousy has created.

Rounding out the EP and jungle tour, Dehousy reintroduces the synthesizer in “Yuzu” tricking the listener with an Eric Prydz-esque progressive melody before reminding listeners that the escape is on. Quickly dropping a fast paced jungle beat, Dehousy intertwines the melodic synth with the chaotic jungle drums, uniting technology with nature.

after releasing on labels such as [re]sources and knightwerk, prime was so pleased to have the opportunity to release a dehousy ep. Get ready for your night out with “From A Past Life,” Uber to the club with “Interzone,” meet your friends on the dance floor with “New Order” and Lyft home with “Yuzu.” This new EP will be your favorite jungle EP.


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