In this release, we teamed up with Below The Surface to bring you all a badass blend of eclectic beats from Dead End and M.A.F.. Wonky and experimental, Left Hand Path never forgets to hit hard where it counts.

Listening to the EP from beginning to end lends itself to the image of a night journey through the winding streets of Lisbon, gradually growing darker and stranger as the tracks progress. The first track, Tannis Root, offers a cathartic sense of relief. Portions of the track feel like serene valleys of reflection whilst others evoke feelings of rage and frustration. After setting the mood, Dead End and M.A.F. crank it up a notch with Black Magic. This track’s groaning synths and rapid ethnic drums can become so entrancing they just might cast a spell on the listener. From here onward things get downright demonic. By the time the final track, Abaddon, comes to a close the listener will have been dragged to the seventh layer of hell and back. Next time you find yourself at a crossroads in the mean streets of Lisbon, take the left-hand path.


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Below The Surface

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CONTRIBUTED BY: William Brandenburg