Dallas’ own Austin Godburn destroys subwoofers in newest EP, tserriednich / alucard

Austin Godburn stretches the imagination of each listener and their headphones in his two track EP, Tserriednich/Alucard, out now on PRIME. Heavy modular synth samples lay the groundwork for this insane new EP. Check it out now below.

Mind-numbing synths and low ends are ever present across the two track EP, testing the limits of our speakers and minds. From the haunting opening of “Tserriednich” to the warped low ends of “Alucard,” Austin has crafted a spectacular exploration of the bass genre.

The a-side “Tserriednich” is a slow midtempo massive with grimy synths panning through each speaker. Austin toys with the limits, warping the subs around the crunchy bass notes and tightening the tweeters around the piercing highs. The slow grind leaves the listener and their speakers with a quick breath before Austin introduces the b-side, “Alucard.”

Premiered by The Untz last week, “Alucard” is the “normal” one of the two, if you could even call this normal. The grimy, warped bass and wonky highs are kept together in a normal pattern: build, drop, bridge, drop 2, end; without sacrificing Austin’s originality. Both tracks have an old-school dubstep feel to them, with a 2018 twist.

Check out both tracks now on PRIME’s soundcloud and make sure to give Austin Godburn a follow across his socials. you can hear him perform live soon in Dallas at Project Ai on October 19th along with our Halloween show at Deep Ellum Art Company with Clozee. You don’t want to miss these.

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Contributed by: Alex Zimmerman

Austin Godburn

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