Far & Few Flip 32Stitches' "Fallout" into a Midtempo Monster

Austin-based duo Far & Few show off a dark streak in their new remix of 32Stitches' "Fallout," out now on Music High Court. Coinciding with the release of the original's official music video and remix EP, Far & Few go full-on John Wick in this new remix. Check it out below.

32Stitches' original was inspired by his best friend and studio partner, his dog Astro. The uplifting future bass original exudes emotions of love, belonging and happiness. Far & Few flipped the uplifting melody however into a dark, brooding massive, which 32Stitches sums up perfectly.

“I love how they’ve flipped around the complete vibe of the track. Wouldn’t call it out of the box since there is no box." -32Stitches

Dark, ominous tones mix with crunchy bass building the track to its peak at the 2:30 mark. Far & Few unload a massive midtempo drop, savaging ears and speakers with punchy, metal-style guitar riffs that will have listeners going wild.

Far & Few.png


PRIME was lucky to chat with the Austin-based duo about the new remix along with the history and future of Far & Few.

PRIME: Thanks for chatting with PRIME ahead of the release!

Far & Few: No problem! We’re big fans of PRIME and feel grateful to be able to do this interview with you guys. One of our biggest shows, supporting QUIX in Dallas, was a PRIME show back in 2017 if I recall correctly. We have a lot of love and the utmost respect for the hard-working crew.

PRIME: First off, how did both of you first meet and what made you guys decide to create Far & Few?

Far & Few: We both first met at a vape shop (go figure) through one of our mutual friends Harwood. Hunter was working at the shop with Harwood and he introduced both of us. After nerding out about a few artists like Flume, Stelouse, Devault, and KRANE, we exchanged contact info and actually started working on a collaboration within the next few days. It was a Latch Remix if I remember correctly. Future Bass and Trap was king during this time and we were completely enamored with the creativity and production of the genres.

After working together, we found that we both brought something to the table that completed our skillset. Hunter brought songwriting and percussion while I (Nelson) was skilled in writing melodic chords and leads as well as music production. With our powers combined, we became Captain Planet err… I mean we became a complete project. We also shared the same outlook on music about pushing boundaries and expressing our creativity.

PRIME: What’s been the most memorable moment for both of you as Far & Few? A certain release? An awesome show? Seeing your music played somewhere?

Far & Few: Our journey so far has had many memorable moments. However, there is one that stood out above the rest. Opening as a support artist for a packed What So Not show was incredible just because everything came together at the right moment to create one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. We were only given 2-3 days notice so we were scrambling to prepare. Once we got on stage, all our anxieties vanished and we were able to become one with the crowd in such a way that we were feeding off their energy and creating an experience for them to enjoy. Performers will know the feeling instantly where they feel almost as if they can do no wrong and that every track and transition is the right one. It almost feels like you are omnipotent in that moment.

PRIME: So I have to ask, what inspired you guys to take the future bass “Fallout” and change it to the dark, midtempo beast you created?

Far & Few: The goal of our project is to aim to push creative boundaries and to stay true to our sound without ever making concessions to please other people. We’ve both always had a dark streak in us but Hunter has taken the songwriting in a whole new direction that I fully support. This dark, midtempo, live electronic sound is Far & Few. We wanted to write something different and to experiment with taking a track and flipping it on its head to create our own thing. It’s something that we feel we owe to our listeners.

PRIME: What are your 3 favorite tracks that you’ve had on repeat recently?

Far & Few: Currently, we’ve been listening to a lot of weird midtempo and dark synthwave music. Some tracks we can’t get enough off right now are Razat - d:murder, Tonebox - System Error and SOPHIE - Faceshopping (AGLORY Remix)

PRIME: If each of you could have your dream meal while you’re in the studio, what would it be?

Far & Few: (Nelson) I’m kind of a health nut and I’m all about eating fresh cooked food with no added preservatives. That being said, I would die for some amazing Mueller’s BBQ right about now.

(Hunter) Raising Canes is the reason I live. We would actually make trips to go grab some on nights when we had our music sessions.

PRIME: Any upcoming releases/tracks that we should look out for in the rest of 2018 or 2019?  

Far & Few: It’s hard for us to say at the moment because we have a lot of things that are up in the air. We’re sitting on a lot of tracks and just trying to figure out the best way to ease people into the creative reality we’ve created for ourselves. What we can say is we’ve truly found our sound and you can hear that in this remix of Fallout.

Check out the official music video for 32Stitches' original "Fallout" below and be sure to check out the other 2 remixes produced by BEAUZ and Zeus x Crona. Give Far & Few a follow across all platforms and stay tuned for more releases from Music High Court.