A good music festival wows with music, a great one creates memorable experiences. Dallas continues to host one of the best New Year’s festivals, Lights All Night; which promises to be an unforgettable weekend. Less than 2 weeks separate the attendees from Lights All Night 2018 and PRIME is counting down the days until the festivities ensue at DAllas Market Hall.

With Over 50 artists set to descend on the complex, lights all night isn’t holding back this year as they’ve partnered with the Sweet tooth Hotel, Light Leaks, Dreamhack and returning favorites Lady L Productions, the Kinetic Balls and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for an upgraded Lights All Night Experience. Check out what’s in store for all Lights All Night attendees below.

Sweet Tooth Hotel

If you haven’t been to the Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas yet, here’s your chance to get acquainted. situated in Victory Park, the art and retail pop up space has brought the most innovative dfw artists to curate an experience unlike any other at Lights All Night. Finishing out their second installation “1955” on December 31st, the festival partners with the group to create a truly original experience that is exclusive to lights all night. Dance through the clouds and rainbows, snap your group photos all while hearing the best sets of the year.

Light Leaks

If you were at Day For Night previously, this may look familiar. Lights All Night has partnered with Light Leaks to present an unforgettable visual stage experience. The Disco Galaxy stage will feature a 360° experience of light reflections from disco balls, situated at the back of the second hall. prepare your mind for a stunning visual experience accompanying sets performed by Lick, Grime Tribe, Penthouse Penthouse and local favorites Black Frames, CHRS Roze and Metaphysics.


Another brand new experience at Lights All Night; a Gaming Lounge brought to you by Dreamhack! The esports company is partnering with the festival to curate a gamer’s wonderland filled with PCs ready for play. Team up with friends on Summoner’s Rift (dibs on the DJ Sona skin), create infinite loops in Portal or floss your way through a battle royale in this unique experience.

The Kinetic Balls

The balls are back. If you hadn’t noticed, the past few years’ ceilings have been littered with light filled balls that moved with the beat. This year, the art installation has been reimagined and moved to the back of the main hall to create a more immersive experience for all attendees. Gaze away at the Kinetic movements and changing colors while the music envelops you into a state of euphoria.

Iconic Lights All Night experiences

If you thought Lights All Night doesn’t have enough experiences yet, more are in store. the festival brings back favorites from previous years including the lovely Lady L Performance artists as they dance, breathe fire, walk on stilts and perform on aerial silk throughout the festival. Test your skills against the mechanical shark at the Mike’s Hard Lemonade pop-up or Take a snapshot of your crew outside with the neon sign from Alicia Eggert rotating between “All the light you see is from the past” and “all you see is Past.”

With countless art installations, Lights All Night takes a giant leap as a festival, creating a memorable experience for everyone. What experiences are you looking forward to? Are you excited to indulge in the Sweet Tooth Hotel or are you looking forward to getting lost in the visual experience at the disco Galaxy stage? Maybe the gaming lounge, the Kinetic balls and Lady L performers are more to your liking? whatever it may be, there are plenty of things to be excited about at Lights All Night this Year, and we haven’t even gotten to the music yet.

REgular single and 2 Day GA tickets are sold out online but Extremely limited GA with Pre-party or Express Entry tickets remain so do not sleep on this festival. Maybe you can get lucky and win one of the many ticket contests out there. With so much to experience at Lights All Night 2018, it’s a foolish idea to miss out. Get your tickets now and come see why Lights All Night this year is the experience of 2018.

Lights All Night

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