PRIME catches up with West London native and rising producer, Sente, covering female MC's, pizza, "School of Sente" and more

PRIME: For those who are new listeners, give a brief introduction to yourself.

SENTE: I'm Primo Kincaid-Baker. Originally from Hounslow, West London but moved to Dalston about a year ago now. I make beats under a few different names and work in a pizza joint called Voodoo Rays.

PRIME: You're a bit elusive on social media, which is actually kind of refreshing amidst the sea of automated DJ bots out there. Can you tell us a little bit about your beginnings as Sente and what got you into producing?

SENTE: Sente started about a year ago when I teamed up with my management - Don't Sleep. I started producing when I was at school and it mainly just started as something to do to fill the gap between coming home from school and having dinner. I guess just over time, I realized how I couldn't really see myself doing anything else. I never really studied music because I was pretty much told it wasn't for me. When I applied to do Music Tech at college, I lied about being able to read sheet music and said that I could play the piano as they were the ''requirements'' to get onto the course. I learned pretty much everything I know from YouTube tutorials and just messing around.

PRIME: Your unique newsletter, "School of Sente", is packed with loads of gems like mastered tracks and samples. Have you had anybody take a stab at remixing your music yet? How did you get the idea to format it as a school newsletter?

SENTE: Ahh thank you! I haven't actually received a remix from anyone yet, but a few people have sent me things where they have used samples from the packs which is cool! The whole idea of the newsletter came about from just having the idea of making the brand of Sente about school. I wanted it to have a bit more depth than just music and have a fun time with it all. I never really liked school, so I guess this is my way of recreating it.

PRIME: On multiple occasions, you have featured female vocalists and rappers on your tracks, like Medusa (an absolute slapper) and My Yute. How do you go about choosing and working with the female artists featured in your tunes?

SENTE: My team and I find all of the vocalists. Vocals are the foundation of my ''sound'', so I'm always looking for someone else to get involved. I mean, I find personally that females sit on my beats better, but I also feel like there are so many female MC's out there that are on a whole new level so it's been nice to sort of be a platform for bringing them through and highlighting their talent.

PRIME: What do you believe are the keys to establishing a signature sound and separating yourself from the pack?

SENTE: There isn't a "right" way to produce, so just do whatever feels natural to you. I feel like when I stopped studying music, I learned the most. My production got better and I knew what it was that I liked and also my strongest traits.

PRIME: Without giving too much away, what can we expect to hear from you in the coming months?

SENTE: I'm mainly focusing on writing at the moment - for Sente, but also for a few different projects which you can find if you dig into my socials.

PRIME: Some artists produce with touring/big shows in mind and others produce just to share their craft with the world. Do you have any particular goals as Sente?

SENTE: To be honest, I just want to make tunes - and if that pays the bills then sweeeet.

PRIME: What has been in heavy rotation for you lately?

SENTE: Sonder and frozen margs.

PRIME: Give a shout to your listeners and add anything else here that you would like.

SENTE: Thaaaanks mates xxx


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contributed by: Claire Carlson