PRIME meets Moscow-based duo, Phlegmatic Dogs, prior to their highly anticipated "NO!CATS" tour in Dallas + HOUSTON

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: We're Demian and Slava, 32 and 29 years old and located in Moscow, Russia.

PRIME: How did you two initially meet and decide on the name "Phlegmatic Dogs"?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: We met each other at one of the night clubs in the middle part of Russia during some gigs - the name "Phlegmatic Dogs" came to us fast, because we like dogs, and, well, everyone knows what phlegmatic means.

PRIME: Is there an audience for electronic and dance music in Russia? How do you feel that the scene there is different from the dance music scene in the U.S.?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: There are various kinds of electronic music here, but mostly techno and commercial house music. For bass house, it's really different also. The music scene in the United States is more unique, developed and full of people who support it. People are happy with this stuff here and it's the best feeling ever.

PRIME: You have a number of extremely popular tracks here in the states, including "Keepmastik" and multiple remixes for artists like AC Slater and Boombox Cartel. When do you feel that your music started to become recognized in the states? What has been your favorite tune to produce?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: Oh, we don't know - we start to feel it more with every new show. We play our tunes and see how it goes on the floor. Also, we have received a lot of feedback and support on social media. For our favorite tune, we are 50/50 on "Next Level" and "Donut Dope".

PRIME: A lot of people curious about this one - what DAW do you use and what plugins are your favorite?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: No secrets. Bitwig Studio + UVI Falcon, NI Reaktor and Sonic Academy ANA2.

PRIME: You're currently embarking on your "NO!CATS" tour and we can't wait for your stop in Dallas & Houston. What have been your favorite cities/memories and why?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: Now, our "NO!CATS" tour is in progress. Today we are in New York City. For the best parties in the United States - anywhere where Night Bass is because of the fam, crew and crazy friends. For our favorite tourist spots, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. Just good memories.

PRIME: What artists (electronic or not) have been most influential for you?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: Lots of artists! Army of Lovers, Aqua, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin (for sure) and many more.

PRIME: What can we look forward to from you for the rest of 2018?

PHLEGMATIC DOGS: First, we're taking a vacation in Russia. Then we will be back to Friendship Festival and some more shows in December. Oh - and new music, of course.

Phlegmatic Dogs

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Be sure to catch the Dogs' debut show in Dallas on Friday, August 17th & Houston on Saturday, August 18th:

Contributed by: Claire Carlson