PRIME chats with Greek artist NIGHTGRIND about his beginning and future in the music scene


PRIME: Hey NIGHTGRIND! Thanks for taking the time to do an interview with PRIME! Give us a little introduction about yourself!

NIGHTGRIND: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have this interview. My name is Tzannhs, I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and I am 22 years old. Most of my free time I like making music and enjoying the sea. 

PRIME: Let’s get right into the music! What got you into producing and what’s the process been like for you when creating beats? 

NIGHTGRIND: The way I started music is funny. I used to rap and make vocals in a hip hop group back in the day. We never had a producer so some of us started making our own beats, that was me. Since then, I can't stop making music. 

Its not something standard. Usually I make music when I feel it. Sometimes it can be a good loop that gets stuck in my mind, or a good sample that I would love to chop. After that, it's a one way road. I sit in front of my DAW and do my thing. But I can say all of my efforts of making a beat are always satisfying! 

PRIME: You seem to touch into a lot of different genres, ranging from trap, wave to house music! For yourself do you feel like you’re a multi-genre artist or do you see yourself falling into one genre eventually? 

NIGHTGRIND: Since the first day I felt like music was a part of me. I always wanted to be a multi-genre producer. I never liked thinking of putting limits on my creativity. So yeah, I will always be a multi-genre artist. 

PRIME: You’ve worked with some pretty heavy dudes such as Hyperforms, STAHL, Anubis-XIII, and vowl! How’s it been like collaborating with dudes that section themselves more with the wave/ambient genre? 

NIGHTGRIND: First of all, I appreciate all of the guys that you mentioned, most of them have opened my eyes into production skills. Each of them are all such great artists that have influenced me a lot. Working with them was always pleasing because if, for example, I have a good idea for a project and start making it, for example Hyperforms will evolve it into a whole other level. So it was a great pleasure and I can’t wait to show you more upcoming projects featuring some of these guys! Much love to all of them. 

PRIME: What’s the music scene like out in Greece? Are there tons of shows or does it have more of an underground feel to it? 

NIGHTGRIND: 2017-2018 was an AMAZING year for the rap scene in Greece. And not only this genre either. I see that more and more shows and artists are visiting Greece and I'm so happy for it, because there are so many talented rappers and producers out here that must be heard. For example, my friend iLLEOo is a freaking beast. This guy knows tons of music and I personally believe that all of you guys must check him out, we are preparing a lot of stuff together .

PRIME: Your most recent track “Diamond” touches on an ambient notion, what was that like and do you see yourself doing more ambient tracks? 

NIGHTGRIND: Of course yes. As I mentioned I put no limits on myself. If I wake up and feel like I want to make something ambient, then yes sir! 

PRIME: For yourself as an artist, what’s the ultimate goal or goals that you’re reaching for? 

NIGHTGRIND: My main goal is to travel and play shows across the world. That was always my dream and my goal and I will never stop until I achieve it ! 

PRIME: Looking into the end of 2018 and possibly a bit into 2019, what can fans look toward from you? 

NIGHTGRIND: 3 Things 1) My second album 2) A free drumkit that I'm planning on releasing when I reach 10k followers on my channel as a gift to all of the people that support me 3) A live show in Europe  

PRIME: Could you give fans some lasting life advice? 

NIGHTGRIND: Believe in yourselves and let nothing distract you from your dreams. Because if you really want something, anything, you can achieve it! 

Contributed by: Matthew Almaraz


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