Capturing listeners with profound and unique tracks, MRKRYL channels a sound filled with momentous and heartfelt rhythms. PRIME sits down with the Calgary native to discuss everything from music to life.

Prime: Hey MRKRYL! Thanks for taking the time do an interview with PRIME! How are you and what’s been going on with you lately?

MrkRYL (pronounced MER-KER-EE-UHL or mercurial): Hey Matthew! I would like to just say thank you in advance for even considering me for this interview with PRIME. So, thank you. I am good, and busy. It’s really no surprise that I have been grinding, trying to complete this “music to-do list” but it just seems to keep getting longer.

PRIME: Absolutely! Speaking of music to-do list, You’ve dropped track after track lately, what’s up with that? How’s that been possible for you?

MRKRYL: Any free time that I have, I spend it making music. The only way I’m going to learn and improve at producing is to practice. Often. I know that lately I have been dropping tracks one after the other, but I just get too damn excited when a track ends up better than I expected of myself.

Prime: Interesting take! How would you then describe the process for yourself and making a track? Especially when you beat those expectations?

MRKRYL: My creative process varies each time I start a new track. I usually begin developing some atmospheric sounds and then work from there and make a melody and so on. Except that might change now that I have dug out my guitar from the depths of my closet. Today was the first time I’ve recorded myself playing, and started making a track today with what I had come up with on the guitar. So, yes, my process varies. As far as my expectations, I have very few, but the most important is to keep improving, and exploring all the endless possibilities of sound design. Step out of my comfort zone. Break barriers. (Or at least try to.)

PRIME: Nice! Especially the guitar part, leads me to my next question! What got you into making music? Any cool stories pertaining to this?

Mrkryl: I don’t have a cool story about why I started making music. Just one random day, about two years ago, I decided to purchase a DAW and to see if I could make something cool. Obviously, since I had zero producing experience, what I had made was a mess.

Prime: Natural progression so true! #youdecide is prevalent on each track on your Soundcloud, why is this? Is your style up to the listeners or can you somewhat identify with the wave genre?

mrkryl: I’ve tagged my tracks with #youdecide because music should not be defined and sorted by genre or style. Music is music. And the artists producing music should not be sorted and categorized by the type of genre they make. And the fact that I felt like what I produce doesn’t clearly fit into a specific genre. But, you’re right about keeping my style and genre up to the listeners. They can decide for themselves. I mean, each track is different but there are certain elements and the vibe my tracks have that give them a wave feel for sure. I don’t want to confine my sound just to wave. I am very thankful that the wave community has welcomed me with such open arms. I have not only made just connections within the community, but a handful friends.

Prime: Right on, I can appreciate that answer! Kind of taking a 180, what influences your music? Is it certain producers, your environment or something different?

mrkryl: Environment for sure. I live in Canada and the winters are just the worst. So I have noticed my music has gotten considerably darker. Also, my mood or whatever I’m feeling usually lies underneath or resonates through my music. Depending.

Prime: Makes sense "unknown" definitely had that dark vibe, which was great! Do you have a favorite track that you’ve put out or is it possibly one we haven’t heard yet?

mrkryl: It’s hard for me to pick a single favorite track out of the ones I’ve released, because usually the one I am working on and about to release is my current favorite. I had two tracks drop recently. “Always” dropped in March on the Sekai Collective Soundcloud page, and “in your eyes” will be on the CLDHVN EP.

prime: Awesome, can’t wait to hear them! What would you like to achieve from music? Can dive into dreams or hopes in general, up to you!

mrkryl: Eventually I would like to be able live off my earnings from selling music and playing shows. But, I would also love to tour with fellow producers/friends in Canada and the US, and then continue to Europe, Asia, Etc. Actually right now, there has been preliminary talks between some other Albertan producers and myself about an Alberta summer tour. Hopefully we can make that happen.

Prime: I’ll have to book a ticket to Alberta then! Let’s hope that happens! Wanted to ask about your name, I’m interested to know what it means or the possible reason behind it?

Mrkryl: The name MRKRYL, is just MERCURIAL spelled a little differently. I chose that name, well, because it is pretty much my given name too; Meranda Curial. I changed the spelling because if you were to search on Soundcloud for MERCURIAL results would come back with an enormous amount of other artists using the same name. I didn’t want to get lost in the crowd.

Prime: Very cool name and story behind it! Lastly besides the two releases you mentioned what’re your plans for this year and anything you’d like to add or mention?

Mrkryl: My plans for this year, at the moment, is just to keep grinding. Nobody ever got anywhere by just sitting around. I am also hoping to book a few shows this year. I have mentioned Sekai Collective and CLDHVN✨ already, but heartfelttothecore and VIOLET TIDES are another two collectives worth checking out. Amazing producers in all of them.

I Just released a collab with Myth. I also have a collab with Djedi and Memphis coming next month on The Vibe Digital Compilation. Also, Aether will be bringing me back and I’ll be playing in Seattle on September 15 with one of, in my opinion, best producers, Sorsari.