PRIME catches up with Manila Killa amidst his highly anticipated "I Want You" tour with Robotaki

Chris, thank you so much for the interview. Here are some questions for our listeners at PRIME.

PRIME: You're from the Philippines, hence the name "Manila Killa". What's the music scene like there?

MANILA KILLA: The music scene there is definitely developing. There's always been an interest outside of pop music within the small groups of artists around the Philippines, and the electronic sound has definitely began to develop within the scene over there. I was first introduced to electronic music more seriously in the Philippines through my friends, so that's where I got influence when I initially started producing.

PRIME: Do you make music with certain vibes in mind?

MANILA KILLA: Lately I've been making music to fit a certain type of mood I'm going for, but that isn't necessarily the best way to be creating this kind of art. I do struggle with it being a natural process for me, but I continue to try to inspire myself by artists who exemplify just that. 

PRIME: What DAW do you use, and what are your favorite plugins?

MANILA KILLA: I'll always love GarageBand because it was the first DAW I messed around with, but I've been working on Ableton for the past 6 years. I recently got Omnisphere - that's definitely the best plugin I've used in a while.

PRIME: Are there any sub-genres or movements within the electronic scene that you listen to more than others? What have you been digging lately?

MANILA KILLA: Because I've been touring so much, I don't have a lot of time to be looking for new music - but I'm totally into trying to find newer or more underground artists who are pushing this "post-future-bass" period we're experiencing now. For example, I think people like Medasin, Trails, Howle and Acaer are good starting points.

PRIME: You recently collaborated and are touring with Robotaki - how did that come about? Are there any new collabs we can look forward to in the future or are they hush-hush for now?

MANILA KILLA: We've been friends for a few years now online but never really thought about a collab or a tour until this year. We thought it just came naturally because both of us are fans of each other, and we're really happy we were able to make a song together. I like to keep things hush hush so you'll have to wait!

PRIME: How does it feel to be a touring artist rather than being in school this semester?

MANILA KILLA: It still hasn't hit me yet. The window from my room gives me a view of students commuting to school, and sometimes I miss the "routine" I had every day - but I'm still very appreciative of the fact that I can tour and pursue music full time!

PRIME: What have been your most valuable learning experiences while balancing Manila Killa and Hotel Garuda?

MANILA KILLA: Patience is key. If there was something I've learned from all this, it's that the only certain thing is how uncertain things are. I always have to remind myself to stay patient and understand that it's important to be able to adjust to any situation that may try and throw me off.

PRIME: What would you like to say to your Original fans and new ones just discovering your music?

MANILA KILLA: Thank you to ALL of the OG fans for sticking by me for so long. A lot of people view me as an "up and comer" but I've been making music for about 8-9 years and have taken it seriously for 4. Thanks for joining me on this craaaazy adventure we call life, and I look forward to churning out more tunes for you!

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contributed by: Claire Carlson