PRIME catches up with Madeaux about his debut album, "Burn", and more

PRIME: From what I've heard of the album so far, it's passionate, entrancing and darker than some of your previous releases. Can you tell us about some of the influences behind it?

MADEAUX: Thank you. Before this record, I was writing music for music’s sake; now I am writing music to tell a story. I'm taking people into my world - from the show to the afters, to the hangover breaking up with your girlfriend high on painkillers, trying to figure out whether you've got what it takes to make your dream work. From Atlanta to Paris, Los Angeles to Kingston - finding the future of sounds and styles and compressing it into an advertisement for self-actualization. I put this record together to depict a transformation of becoming what you need to be realize your wildest dreams.

PRIME: You've got a really eclectic mix of guests on "Burn", ranging from OG Maco to Josh Pan. Did you have an idea of the features you wanted initially or did the puzzle pieces fall into place on their own?

MADEAUX: I knew everyone that I wanted to work with going in. I A&R'd this record personally. That means no label, no one pulling strings, just me developing relationships and shooting shots. There were a lot of people I experimented with putting on that didn't cut it, some missed connections etc. but overall I'm satisfied with how things turned out.

PRIME: Tell us a little bit about your beginnings as Madeaux. What sparked your interest in producing?

MADEAUX: I used to be a guitarist and I always wanted to be in a band. With my obligations outside music it could never happen; electronic music gave me the means to realize my musical aspirations solo.

PRIME: You've never been one to compromise your sound for what's "safe" or expected - how do you keep your tracks refreshing and avoid getting too comfortable?

MADEAUX: I don't feel safe or comfortable, nor seek to be. As a result, when I make music, it doesn't embody an attitude of contentedness.

PRIME: What has been your most memorable moment as Madeaux - be it touring, producing, or just learning from the entire journey?

MADEAUX: There have been so many lessons. This life has taught me that we are in a matrix of sorts, and by manipulating key elements in the chain you can spread your code (so to speak) outward, infinitely. I am on the edge of what people understand as an electronic musician and I am only getting started. That feeling, of infinite possibility, is my favorite part of everything.

PRIME: Is there a particular artist or genre apart from the electronic scene that really resonates with you? Your EP's to date have been laced with soulful vocals and you've been known to infuse your tracks with R&B influences.

MADEAUX: I really enjoy synth-pop, which is coming back hard in the new wave of southern hip-hop, surprisingly enough. Definitely down with R&B, who isn't? I liked this deconstructed trance sound Evan Christ, Rabit and Yung Gud were incorporating into hip-hop and grime several years ago, the likes of which popped up again with Jacques Greene (love his music) in the Givenchy FW17. All of the dancehall-influenced artists popping up lately is a cool wave, Bad Gyal is a favorite there. As far as vocals, I love them because everyone understands the human voice; it's the means to bridge the gap so I will always feature vocals in some capacity.

PRIME: What can you be found doing when you aren't producing?

MADEAUX: I've been working as a growth consultant for a communications platform in Palo Alto, so if I'm not working on/with music I'm working on that. If I'm really off, I'm probably drinking.

PRIME: Tell us a little bit about how you started working with Fool's Gold.

MADEAUX: A-Trak messaged me about collaborating and that led to us working together, releasing our record with a bunch of others from mine as an EP on Fool's Gold. They gave me free reign to go in on this album and I'm taking advantage of it, thoroughly.

PRIME: Lastly, what would you like to say to your fanbase?

MADEAUX: Thanks for listening, I hope this helps.


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contributed by: Claire Carlson