Luttrell shouldn’t need any introduction as he solidifies his place in 2019. The Anjunadeep artist is no newbie to the scene having been part of The M Machine since 2008, but has now become a mainstay for Anjuna playing at ABGT250, Anjunadeep Open Air, Coachella, Holy Ship and at Printworks in London. with his debut album, ‘Into Clouds’ recently released and being on tour of the same name, PRIME had the chance to discuss with him about his new album and tour, the beginning of Luttrell and where he’s going in the future before his show in Dallas on February 15th.

PRIME: How has your time with the M Machine developed and influenced the chilled out/deep house style of Luttrell?

Luttrell: When you work with the same people for multiple years you do find yourself being influenced by them. Specifically, I’ve taken some orchestral elements and similar instruments from The M Machine into the Luttrell project. On the songs that I took the lead in on the M Machine, you can hear glimmers of what I do now, like in “A King Alone” which came out in 2012.

prime: What have you been most inspired by and most like about working with the Anjunadeep label and Anjuna as a whole?

Luttrell: Working with Anjuna at the start of 2016, I had no idea what to expect when Mat Zo introduced me. I got along with Yotto real well and had fun shows in London with other Anjuna artists. Right Away it felt right and I fit in with everyone. Nobody is too cool for school, everybody is doing great art and a lot of creative minds working together perfectly. We all work hard together.

PRIME: AFter playing the Gorge for ABGT250, playing waterside at Open Air: Austin, Coachella’s DoLab, Holy Ship and most recently at Printworks in London, is there a dream venue or location that you haven’t played at yet that you’d like to perform at?

Luttrell: Definitely the Anjuna shows in Genoa. You’re on the beach in a tropical paradise. I hope to perform at Lightning in a bottle soon too and I really want to play in South America. I’ve never been there and heard it’s incredible so I want to experience it.

PRIME: looking forward to your debut album ‘Into Clouds,’ you’ve discussed about how the album “embraces your traditional luttrell style” while “pushing your sound in a direction that inspires you.” What sort of inspiring direction is ‘Into Clouds’ pushing you towards?

Luttrell: A good example is “Quiet Even Dark” that came out in December. I sing on it and it has a bit more indie-electro vibe. It takes a lot of influence from the 80’s and 90’s grunge rock that I love. I listen to a lot of stuff that isn’t club music so that’s influenced some of the things that have made it into the album.

PRIME: Your solo act seems to be a sort of “rebirth” for you as a producer, new style, new members (or lack therof), new label, etc. What advice can you give to new and old producers who may be experiencing a “rebirth” of their own? How to tackle adversity, letdowns, struggles or smashing success, etc.?

Luttrell: The “rebirth” has taken a long time. in 2015 I started thinking about producing as a single producer. As fast as it may seem, it really isn’t. My advice to other producers is to first of all, don’t try to sound someone or a label. Labels don’t need more like a certain artist. Take influence and inspiration from your favorite artists but don’t emulate. Be patient and work hard. Write a ton. Keep going and don’t try to get bogged down. Reach out to the labels, the business is a person driven business as much as everything else. Go out to events that you like and chat with them. Do your best to get to know people. Remember, everything takes time.

PRIME: Bringing it back to some light-heartedness, your style choice of beanie, john lennon sunglasses and that magnificent moustache is becoming quite iconic and can be found on the vinyl slipcase of the album, how long does it take to get your moustache in that perfect curl and how did it come about?

Luttrell: It doesn’t take too long to get the moustache together, maybe 1 or 2 minutes, but getting the wax prepared takes the longest. Warming it to get it soft and prepared is the longest part. I first grew the moustache in 2011 and grew it on a road trip with Swardy (The M Machine.) We were both growing moustaches and I just never shaved it off. I curled it up and now I can’t imagine my face without it.

The iconic Luttrell look can be seen on the Vinyl slipcase of ‘Into Clouds’

The iconic Luttrell look can be seen on the Vinyl slipcase of ‘Into Clouds’

PRIME: You and Yotto seem to be like two peas in a pod with your B2B sets at Printworks, ABGT250 and more along with putting out some great funny, interpersonal videos between the two of you. What do you like most about Yotto as an artist and a person and do you think we will see a collaboration between the two of you in the future?

Luttrell: As an artist, he’s one of the best producers that I know, I was into his music before I even met him. When we started touring together we got along really well especially because of his dry humor. His personality matches my personality. As for a collaboration, we are 100% up for it but haven’t written anything yet. I’m hoping to start something this summer but we will see what happens.

PRIME: What can people expect from your sets during the ‘Into Clouds’ tour? Any new tracks that aren’t on the album? How many tissues will we need during the set?

Luttrell: It’s going to be a best of both worlds with 99% my own music. I’ll be performing most of my new album but maybe not the piano pieces. I’ll also be throwing in some edits of previous tracks that I have and playing something that me and ben bohmer have written together. I’m not sure on the amount of tissues that you’ll need but hopefully a lot. come prepared.

If you’ve never experienced one of Luttrell’s sets, you are missing out on one of Anjunadeep’s best artists. After seeing him at Open Air: Austin last year, he instantly became a favorite artist of mine and am so excited for him to perform in dallas at RBC. ‘Into Clouds’ is an exquisite introduction to the artist and is a quintessential album to add to every library. The soft and powerful melodic take on deep house leaves goosebumps on your body during peak tracks “Out of Me” and “Into Clouds,” makes you sing your heart out at “Quiet Even Dark,” moves your feet during “Windowscene” and “Layover” while bringing tears to the eyes on “May 25th” and “Outro.” There isn’t one track on the album that doesn’t belong and each one delivers on all counts. It’s already a contender for my favorite album of the year.

As PRIME sunsets the LOLO brand at the show, Luttrell couldn’t be a more perfect artist to celebrate with. The LOLO experience has always been about influencing surroundings, developing passions and educating the eardrums of Texas into the wonders of house, techno, breaks and deep house music and who better to close out LOLO than with an artist poised to take these genres by storm.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet to the show, grab them above as this is one that will not be soon forgotten. Check out all of Luttrell’s socials and be sure to grab your copy of ‘Into Clouds,’ which is out now everywhere.


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