Prime chats with Inkline about Southpoint origins, exciting changes and production insight

PRIME: Thanks so much for the opportunity, Zak. For those who are new listeners - please give an introduction to yourself, to include your name, age, a bit about your hometown and how you got your start as a producer.

INKLINE: My name is Zak Mendoza, I'm 23 and I come from a small town in the Southeast of England near Brighton. I first got involved in production whilst studying music when I was 18 and have been doing it ever since. At the time, I was heavily into Dubstep and was introduced to the dance music culture by my good friend, Taiki Nulight. I could see how the music connected people with each other and the happiness it gave them, which is why I started "Inkline". The DAW that I used then and continue to use now is Logic Pro 9.

PRIME: When/how did you first become acquainted with Southpoint?

INKLINE: I first got involved with Southpoint around 3 years ago after I had met Josh (the director and founder) at a show in Bristol that a mate was playing at. He explained to me his vision of pushing the underground music scene in the Brighton area and expanding the sound. I was very excited to get involved and have been part of the family ever since.

PRIME: A little bird told me that Inkline is in the process of being re-branded and revamped. Can you give us a preview of what that entails and what we can look forward to?

INKLINE: I am indeed, in the future I'm going to be having a go at my making my sound a little different. I like to think I'll be keeping the same "Inkline vibe" but just switching it up a bit. Some of my upcoming releases will be a bit different, but I'm hoping everyone will like them!

PRIME: Perhaps one of your most known tracks is yours and Taiki Nulight’s remix of Bushbaby’s “More”. Where did you first hear that track? How did that collaboration come about?

INKLINE: Everyone at Southpoint, above everything else are just really good pals and we like to hang out as often as we can. I first heard Bushbaby's track after Josh and I spoke about his EP at one of the Southpoint live streams. Taiki joined us as well, and the idea of us doing the remix was put forward. It wasn't long before we were in the studio and had an idea that we really liked.


PRIME: Your most recent track, “Hideout”, really demonstrates your versatility as an artist and the evolution and expansion of your sound since your earlier tracks, like “Reach”. Finding the balance between being versatile but maintaining your identity can be difficult. How do you feel that you achieve that balance?

INKLINE: Personally, I feel like my own identity as a producer can mainly be found in my arrangement. It is really hard to differentiate from other producers as there are some seriously talented people out there, but I think that is what I am going to be focusing on now, especially with trying something new.


PRIME: What can we look forward to from you in the upcoming year? (New tracks, new dates, any major projects in the works?)

INKLINE: I have loads of music coming out this year, mostly solo projects but some are collaborations with some good friends as well. It'll be a mixture of some tracks I've been sitting on for a while and some new stuff which I'm very excited to get out there.

PRIME: Give a shout to your listeners and add anything else here that you would like.

INKLINE: I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been listening and supporting my music over the past few years, I'm very appreciative! Big love to all of you.


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contributed by: Claire Carlson