NYC native and electronic producer GEOTHEORY talks "Future Japan", production influences and the inspiration behind his name

Van Geogh, you crushed it this past June in Dallas. Here are some questions our listeners at PRIME will love:

PRIME: You're a native of New York City. Are there any particular elements of life in the city that have strongly influenced your music?

GEOTHEORY: I remember my father bringing me to this one house/electronic record shop every week, it was a local legend called "Dance Tracks". I went from like ages seven - eight 'til I was 12, when they had officially shut down. Big memories and hours of listening to house music with my dad and other DJ's that also came.

PRIME: You've described your style as "Future Japan", and those influences are evident in most of your tracks (Godzilla immediately reminds me of the street drifting scene in Tokyo). What is it about Japanese culture that draws you in?

GEOTHEORY: When I was younger, I was super into cars and racing games. I'm definitely one of those natural born drivers - never had to take lessons - just got behind the wheel and drove. The music in Midnight Club included underground resistance - Noisa and other favorites were part of the experience for me.

PRIME: What experiences and emotions do you strive to evoke with your music? Is each track based on a scene you envision at the time, or do you just get into the zone and let the production happen naturally?

GEOTHEORY: I feel it's thing I remember always hating when I first started producing was that I wasn't able to create EXACTLY what I was envisioning. I feel as soon as I devoted myself to GEOTHEORY, everything was so second nature from there. I'm at a weird stage where I kind of think of music as painting a picture.

PRIME: How did you come up with the name "GEOTHEORY"?

GEOTHEORY: My most frequently asked question, haha. I (as some people may know) have always been super into astronomy - and I remember watching a doc when I was 15 about how everything in the universal web is connected through patterns and shapes. That really stuck with me and I kind of apply that mentally to my everyday really, from there, it's up for interpretation to any individual what that means!

PRIME: Do you have any muses that have significantly influenced you and/or your production style?

GEOTHEORY: Near impossible to give it up to just one person, but the 2008-2010 underground electronic scene was so inspiring to me. I would look forward to coming up and digging on YouTube and early SoundCloud and listening to anything and everything. I think that wide range of different sounds was the source of all of my experimentation.

PRIME: What can we look forward to for the rest of 2017? Any new collaborations or EP's in the works?

GEOTHEORY: I have my forthcoming EP soon to be announced on fool's gold...(stay tuned). I've also got a ton of music I've been sitting on and sorting but I say that to hopefully perk people up for all the new potential (collection of) EP's I will be dropping in the near future!

PRIME: Lastly, what do you want to say to your OG fanbase and new ones that are just discovering your music?

GEOTHEORY: To my OG fanbase, I try to always give a shout and let them know I appreciate every last soul that I have touched - and even for casual listeners and newcomers - I started music because I wanted to give people that same feeling of emotion and connection I felt as a listener before producing.



contributed by: Claire Carlson