PRIME: Give a brief introduction to yourself including your age, a little bit about your hometown and anything else you’d like to add about yourself (anime enthusiast, tracksuit don, etc).

FAZE MIYAKE: I’m a musician born and raised in East London. That’s where I call home, I’ve lived in enough places there to say that whole part of London is my home. We are built a certain way. Some people call me a studio rat & I’m here for it. I’m about owning it.

PRIME: Firstly - I want to dive into talking about your SXSW calendar. Is this your first time out to Austin? Where can we find you spinning?

FAZE MIYAKE: Yeah, this is my first time in Austin and as well as being excited to play it, I really don’t know what it’s gonna be like. I’m gonna be showcasing my music & U.K. music that I’m feeling. I like to represent for us like that and show people what we are about. I will be playing at:

13th March: Barcelona

14th March: Rio

16th March: Nakid House 2018

PRIME: Talk about your beginnings as Faze Miyake - what made you decide to start producing? Did you start off with lots of local sets or primarily put out tunes first?

FAZE MIYAKE: Just before I left high school (I was 15), a friend had given me a cracked production software called FL Studio. I messed around with it but it took me a year or so to actually get to know the software when I had met others who showed me how to use it properly. Grime was always around me and it was the music I loved - and we all did it. To me, it was like another sport. I didn’t do music for years though, life just catches up with you. I never thought I’d have a career in music but I put out my breakthrough track ‘Take Off’ in 2011 - which blew me up internationally just as an instrumental - and I basically just haven’t stopped since then. I’ve played around the world as a DJ for the past 5 years and just constantly building. I’m very grateful and fortunate, but I think belief in your work will get you there. I also took time out to get good at what I do and will always have to thank everyone who was there at the actual early stages.

PRIME: What has been your favorite work thus far? (this can include collaborations with MC’s or mixes, EP’s, whatever you’d like).

FAZE MIYAKE: If I’m honest, every time I release a project, that becomes my favourite for a bit. I’m always working on new stuff and always trying to get better what I do and generally just enjoy it. My favourite work isn’t even out yet because I’m working on it all, but I really like my EP’s ‘Infamous’ and ‘evo’ which both dropped last year. They show the full spectrum of what I can do musically and all the sounds that I like with great collabs too. Other than that, I released my album in 2015 and even did a short film called 'Faze Miyake by Faze Miyake' which I really enjoyed doing. It was mainly shot on my phone.

PRIME: Rumor has it there’s another Faze Miyake album underway...tell us about whatever you’re willing to disclose, be it collabs with other artists or the overall vibe of this album.

FAZE MIYAKE: Yeah, this is gonna be my second album and all I’d say is it’s just very me. I don’t want to speak about it too much right now but I’m really giving it my all and trying to make my best work. I’ve been doing vocal stuff over the years here and there but I’m gonna focus a lot more on that now and my album will have that on there as well as collabs. It’s exciting and that’s how I like to keep it.

PRIME: What is a motto you live by? (This can be as sage or as ridiculous as you want).

FAZE MIYAKE: The harder you work the luckier you get. Been living by that since I read it in 2010. Changed my life.

PRIME: What have you been listening to lately?

FAZE MIYAKE: If I’m honest, I just listen to loads of rap music now. I’ve always enjoyed it but it’s got really good for me because the sounds that I love are what’s popping. A lot of U.K. Rap but U.S. too. I’m just happy with how good it’s all getting sonically. 

PRIME: What is your most overused word? *Haha*

FAZE MIYAKE: Faze Miyake Faze Miyake Faze Miyake Faze Miyake Faze Miyake...

PRIME: Lastly - tell us anything else you’d like to include about yourself, your upcoming work, or use this as an opportunity to shout out your listeners.

FAZE MIYAKE: Well, I’m focusing on doing my own vocal stuff now as well as producing for others. I’m not sure if I want to do much instrumental music for the time being but I’m sure there will be some here and there. It’s strange for me to be DJ’ing through this transition too and I’m actually working on turning all of this into a live show. My supporters might even be confused but I just want to deliver great work. They’re always with me on everything I do and I actually love them they’re my family. I’m still going to be producing loads for other artists too. The studio rat will remain as a studio rat. He loves it.


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contributed by: Claire Carlson