PRIME meets Punks Music's Cam Mussell, a.k.a. Aurbs

PRIME: For those that are new listeners - give us a quick introduction to yourself and tell us about when/how you first got into DJ’ing.

AURBS: My name is Cam, also known as Aurbs. I’m 21 years old and based in the Southwest U.K.! I first started in music by learning the guitar when I was 7 years old. I started getting into DJ'ing and music production when I was 16.

PRIME: How did you choose the name Aurbs?

AURBS: Haha, whenever anyone asks that, I tell them a different reason, so I’m not sure anyone really knows...

PRIME: Your Glastonbury 2017 mix was legendary - a good, eclectic mix of genres and artists in there. Was this your first festival or had you played for festival crowds before?

AURBS: Thanks! At that point, I had actually played for more festival crowds than club nights, just through getting bookings from festival stage promoters rather than club promoters. Where I’m from, there’s a wide range of organically grown festivals which makes for a sick festival circuit during the summer! Glastonbury was something else, though! I headed out there with the Punks crew after a week in Ibiza and it was amazing!

PRIME: You have an impressive collection of DJ mixes and remixes (your take on Inkline’s “Crosshatch” is a favorite) - can we expect to hear more originals from you, though? An Aurbs EP or something along those lines?

AURBS: Well, the next thing coming up is a remix for my buddies Donkong of their track “Animals”, which will drop on Punks in early March. As for originals, I have been working away on several dance-oriented originals I’m looking to drop throughout 2018 and I’m also working on an extended EP of non-dance music, for which I’ve worked alongside several talented artists and vocalists. I’ve been doing a lot of production work for several U.K. and US rappers which has been really fun. I’m also scoring a couple short films at the moment. I don’t necessarily want to be pigeonholed into one style of music with “Aurbs” and want to be able to make and showcase what I want.

PRIME: Tell us about your role with Punks Music and how your involvement first came about.

AURBS: I first got involved with Punks back in 2016, when I was 19. I had met Olly, our label manager, through the local music scene. Since then, we’ve all been working to push good music and talented artists we believed in. I’ve gotten to meet so many sick people and work alongside people who I’ve looked up to since I first started making music. It’s a definite family vibe for sure.

PRIME: What would you most like to change about the electronic music scene, and/or what do hope to accomplish with your music?

AURBS: I’ve actually been seeing what I wanted to change happen over the past year or so - where the consumers are welcoming of artists pushing boundaries and creating something new, instead of rehashing the same old or following a genre’s “formula”. All of the music that ever sticks with me and makes me actually gassed are the type of tunes where I had no idea what to expect and it comes through and blows me away. Tunes which I couldn’t define what genre they are. Uniqueness. 

PRIME: What can we look forward to from you this year?

AURBS: Other than those releases I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a couple of U.S. shows coming up, several U.K. festival and club nights and I’m looking at pushing a lot more collaborations.

PRIME: Anything you'd like to say to your listeners?

AURBS: Shoutout to everyone who listens, buys, likes and shares my music. You’re all fucking awesome. XO.