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Prime chats with Hyperforms about his musical journey, favorite genres and live shows! 

Prime: Hey Hyperforms, thanks for taking the time to do an interview with Prime! Let’s jump into it where are you from, your age and a fun fact about the city you currently live in? 

Hyperforms: I’m a 20-year-old guy, born and raised in a city in Finland called Imatra, which is located only a few kilometers away from the Russian border. 

Prime: Walk us through your musical journey, what/who got you into producing, what are some of your inspirations to this day and how’s the process been growing musically? 

Hyperforms: It all started from learning to play the drums at the age of 7. Later on I learned to play other instruments such as guitar and piano. I was in high school when I got into producing - I installed FL Studio 10 on my PC and started messing around with it for fun. I’ve always had a pretty diverse taste in music but at the time I was listening to a lot of dubstep and drum&bass artists, which inspired me to try and see what I could come up with on FL Studio. Having no experience in producing before, I started reading about it and also watching tons of tutorials on Youtube. However I think most of my learning happened just by experimenting around with the software and having no idea what I was doing hahah. I guess listening to a lot of newer rap artists really got me into trap music which led me in to making my own beats as well. In the autumn of 2015 I started releasing tracks on Soundcloud just to see what people would think. It wasn’t too serious until now - I’ve only been doing it a bit more seriously since last year. So far it’s been a very natural process for me, I never really planned to become a producer/artist before that - I’ve been just making music that I like and hoping that people enjoy the tracks I put out! 

Prime: Pertaining to the different tracks you’ve put out you seem to dip into trap, electronic and a bit of wave! Do you feel as a producer it’s important to always push yourself and to try new genres/sounds? Do you feel as though your sound is unique/different? 

Hyperforms: I mainly have released trap and wave tracks for now, but I’ve never wanted to label myself as for example a 'trap-producer.' I don’t want to be limited by one genre - who knows what type of music I’m doing next year! I do enjoy experimenting with new styles, even if I wouldn’t end up putting out every track I work on. For me, one of the biggest challenges in producing music is to always push yourself to make the next track better than the last one. I also try to avoid that my tracks would come out sounding the same, but at the same time i want my sound to be recognized in every track i release. Even though, at this point i treat making music almost as a job, it’s still very important to have fun with it - At least for me, making the same stuff over and over again gets boring eventually. I think getting out of your comfort zone not only makes producing more interesting but also makes you evolve as a musician. 

Prime: You recently put out a sample pack, give us an insight on the process for creating your sample pack? 

Hyperforms: My sample pack includes drum sounds, effects, vocals, loops and actual parts from my original tracks. It was a lot of work for sure: It started by collecting sounds that I really like to use a lot in my tracks. I either sampled and edited sounds, recorded or made entirely new sounds from the scratch with VST plugins. After that I just pretty much compiled and categorized all the files to one package. Since i got pretty good feedback on it, I’m planning to do another sample pack in the future, I’ve already started collecting some sounds to it! 

prime: Your track “Impulse” is an absolute favorite of mine, for you personally what’s been your favorite track to date? 

Hyperforms: My favorite track keeps changing from time to time but right now I’d say either ”Reform” featuring Cosmic or ”Lost Cause” is my favorite. 

Prime: I recently saw on your Instagram that you played a live show! How was that and do you enjoy being able to play your music in a live setting? Any more shows fans should look forward to? 

hyperforms: I got into DJ’ing just around a year ago. I did it for fun at first but now I’m working as a DJ at a local club in my hometown, which I really enjoy for the most part! However, I’m not doing that under my producer alias because I’m mostly playing something very different from the music I produce - I don’t want to mix up two separate ”projects”. Anyway, I just played my first ever Hyperforms -live set in Prague recently! It was an unreal but amazing experience for sure, I’m very thankful for that opportunity. It was crazy to get to play some of my own music in a foreign country for the first time. I played the show back to back with a good friend of mine, an Argentine producer Théos. The reception was great and people were really supportive - which makes me want to keep doing more of this in the future . I’m planning to do at least a couple more shows in Europe later this year. I’ll be announcing more info on that as soon as possible. 

Prime: What’s the direction you’re looking to take your music in 2018 and for the future? 

Hyperforms: To be honest I haven’t really planned it out that much. I’m gonna keep doing the music that I love of course. I still have so much stuff to learn but I’m trying to experiment more with different styles this year for sure. I got a couple tracks coming out soon that differ quite a lot from my usual stuff! 

Prime: Top five songs at the moment to you and any one piece of advice to upcoming producers/artists? 

Hyperforms: I couldn’t come up with any absolute favorite tracks right now but I’ve been vibing to a lot of producers like Tsuruda, Flume, Josh Pan and Mr. Carmack, and also some rappers like Denzel Curry, YG, Vince Staples, Pouya etc.. My advice for anyone who’s just starting out, is just to simply do the music you enjoy, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different stuff as well. Keep pushing yourself to become as good as you can and the hard work will pay off at some point!


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