Sweeep drops her “Dissapear Here” EP and gives wave music a whole new outlook

You may have heard of her, you may of not either way “Dissapear Here” is here to say. From Stockholm, Sweden Sweeep gives us her first ever EP, providing fans with six mythical, unique, mysterious tracks. Sweeep brings us a rare taste of what wave, electronic, and “sweeep step” sounds combined. 

“Dissapear Here” will translate your cerebrations into emotions, leaving you speechless. Tracks such as “distant memories” and “hideaway” are immeasurable. The obscurity and blackness in each track is uncanny, it leaves you silent. Sweeep cumulates different vibrations with sounds that you feel the heaviness. “Ghost Quarter” emulates just this. The lyrics combined with the bass gives a back and forth emotional pull. The emotional output Sweeep put into each track gives you goose bumps. “Dissapear Here” certainly delivers on all fronts giving listeners all they can handle. 


PRIME: Hey sweeep thanks for taking the time to do an interview with PRIME! Let’s jump into it! Where are you from and give us one interesting fact about yourself?

Sweeep: Hey! I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. An interesting fact is that I’ve been to the moon.

PRIME: Give us a little insight into who sweeep is? What got you into producing electronic music or as you describe it “sweeep step”?

Sweeep: I started to produce quite late and I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier. I guess I didn’t believe in myself until I realized it’s not that hard. You don’t need to be magical super human to be making music. 

I started to produce in 2014, when I got an interaction design internship at Propellerhead software that make the DAW Reason. I didn’t even know what a reverb was back then and I had to learn the whole DAW to be able to design it. All my nice colleagues were experts on music productions so they could answer all my silly questions. The same year I joined a female/trans-studio collective in Stockholm called Drömfakulteten. We threw a lot of live shows together and in the summer 2015 we got a slot at a dope electronic/experimental music festival in Sweden called Norbergfestival. Being surrounded by other producers has always been my way of getting knowledge and motivation to dig deeper into my own productions.

PRIME: Wanted to jump right into your upcoming EP, it’s amazing! What was the process for curating this EP together?You seemed to really want to push a specific sound with this EP, why was that and what would you like people who listen to your EP to take away from it? 

Sweeep: Thank you! The process was weird because I don’t really remember what happened. A lot of things were going on in my life at the moment and I didn’t sleep much. I felt energetic and wanted to transfer something out of my mind so I produced intensely, it was the only way. When one song was finished I started another and so on. After two weeks I suddenly had an EP. I think the specific sound comes from the current vibe I felt during the two weeks I produced the EP. I didn’t plan to make it sound a particular way. I’m intuitive when it comes to producing. I hope people let themselves disappear into the music when they listen through it/think about what’s close to you right now and don’t take anything or anyone for granted. As you can tell from the titles this is about disappearance.

PRIME: How would you describe the last couple of months for yourself touring with Liquid Ritual, getting to play various shows and putting out a lot of great music?

Sweeep: Had a crazy and fun time touring with the Liquid Ritual fam in Poland and London. Like I mentioned previously I get motivated to make more music after hanging out with likeminded producers, so playing shows like this keeps me going to create more. Our shows have been special too. People have been gathered from all over the world to catch the shows which is a sign of how rare it is to hear this type of wave music in a club and how appreciated it is.

  sweeep b2b eevee in   B  ialystock, Poland — Photo: thadeous matthews

sweeep b2b eevee in Bialystock, Poland — Photo: thadeous matthews

PRIME: With the EP already dropping, what’s next for sweeep? 

Sweeep: I’m organizing a tour around the globe so I’m taking bookings right now (on

Besides that I’m always experimenting with music to develop my sound and working on new songs. I’m also going to make a short film with a friend who is a video director/filmer and I will make the soundtrack to the film. We are going on a road trip in Ukraine next month to do some filming. I will also bring my field recorder in case I hear some weird noises to include in my songs. It will take a while until we finish that film but we have already been shooting a music video as well which is almost finished. 


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