PRIME chats with Memphis on everything from music, the studio process, and what the future holds for this promising producer!

PRIME: Thanks so much for sitting down with us at PRIME! How are you? How’s the New Year treating you?

Memphis: What's going on brother?! I'm doing very well! Once again thank you for this opportunity. The New Year has been incredible for me, as I have been blessed with many musical opportunities.

PRIME: Where are you from and would you say that the environment (family, friends etc.?) you grew up around has influenced your musical style?

Memphis: I currently live in Toronto, Canada and 100% it has! It has shaped me into the person that I am today. You see, my father was a big rock ‘n’ roll head and my mother had a taste for all sorts of different kinds of music. Then there is my brother, who was my biggest influence as he was HUGE on hip-hop.  

PRIME: Wanted to talk about your most recent track with HYPEER “Goodbye” how was the process like getting that track done?

Memphis: First off, I just want to give the youngin’ a huge shout out, because he kept his word to me since the first day we ever spoke. Long story short, when we first spoke to each other about a collaboration, his computer crashed shortly after our first interaction and he lost everything on it. After months of no contact, he finally reached out to me and he sent a preview of the track and I immediately fell in love with it. I got him to send me the stems and I jumped on it. Whenever I feel that creative energy, I always capitalize on it and finish the track. I usually complete all of my music within the first couple of hours.

PRIME: I’ve noticed you have a mixed style! You throw some wave, rap beats, and a bit of electronic. Do you enjoy making different genres or do you prefer to combine those styles into one?

Memphis: I came into this game since day one wanting to be able to produce any kind of genre, which was my mindset since the beginning. I love to fuse all elements of music into one track. I like to think of my style as a fusion of these genres: wave, hip-hop and electronic dance music!

PRIME: I also noticed that you make and sell beats! Do you feel like it’s challenging to do in such a competitive market?

Memphis: I think it is challenging but at the same time very motivating. I use this competitiveness to help me become a better producer. My traktrain has all sorts of different beats to cater to different interests. 

PRIME: What’s the process like for you when making a new track and do you feel like your versatility musically helps you create more tracks?

Memphis: I usually go into my studio feeling blank with no expectations. Whenever this happens everything just flows out of me naturally and I usually bang out tracks very fast. If I ever go into the studio thinking of what I want to create, I usually hit a roadblock. 100% it does. I just think that being versatile is a huge plus no matter what you’re doing! I’m always prepared for any type of collaboration with an artist.

PRIME: On that note in your Instagram stories you have a big poster of Notorious and always focus on that, any particular reason for this?

Memphis: First off, Rest In Peace B.I.G! He is one of my favorite MC's as well as someone who motivates me throughout life. I really admire his hustler’s ambition and his drive to achieve success in life. I made sure to keep that poster specifically there to use it as motivation whenever I get into a funk. I normally imagine him saying with his deep voice "Memphis man, keep working kid!"

PRIME: What are your influences musically and just in general?

Memphis: I have always been a huge fan of Zeds Dead. I look up to the both of them and I always wanted to produce music like them. Their influence is what had geared me to fuse together different genres. I have always admired how they blend all sorts of different sounds together and how they keep you on your toes with every single release they have - leaving the listeners with the feeling of not knowing what to expect.

PRIME: From this past year you put out a lot of great tracks, any particular track that stands out to you?

Memphis: Every track that I release has a certain energy, that I used in that moment when I produced the track. I love each and every song that I have released, but the one track that for me is the highlight of the year has to be "GENESIS -  ETHEREAL (w/MEMPHIS. & ÆSTRAL)". I feel like this was the track that launched my music career and put me on the map. Also, I want to give a huge shout out to "THE-LOWDOWN.COM" for featuring our song in their incredible cinematography video called "WHITE KNIGHT ; GT-R R35 | 4K ".

PRIME: Going in reverse a bit, have to ask about your name Memphis..any meaning behind it?

Memphis: I really had an issue when it came to choosing a producer name as I have changed my name multiple times. I always wanted to have an artist name influenced by street culture as I have always loved hip-hop and Zeds Dead. I once sat down with my brother and I explained to him where my head was at and he just spat out the name Memphis! It just immediately stuck with me and I loved it ever since.

PRIME: For 2018 any big goals you’d like to accomplish? Anything you’d like to as well?

Memphis: I have many goals for 2018 that I plan on crushing, but my main focus for this year is to have my international show. It’s something I envision daily for myself. I just want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart that has shown me love and support since day one, I wouldn't be here without all of you. MEMPHIS MAN!


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