WRCKTNGL is a part of the rising tide of dark wave, are you riding it?

Delivering sounds full of bass and mesmerizing synths, WRCKTNGL is an artist you shouldn't miss out on. PRIME was able to sit down with the Colorado wave producer discussing his beginnings, new music and all things wave.

PRIME: Hey, thanks for doing an interview with PRIME, how has the New Year been treating you?

WRCKTNGL: It’s been pretty good so far! Just been trying to get some things put together for my show my tomorrow and getting some singles lined up to be released on my Soundcloud!

PRIME: Nice man! You put out a lot of content this last year, was it because you really wanted to push yourself or were you just mad inspired to put out tracks?

WRCKTNGL: Honestly, I feel like I didn’t put out enough content. I hit a couple of hard creative blocks, which slowed me down from trying to drop a track every 2-3 weeks. Usually I’m very quick at creating content, but for the past year or so, I’ve been busy outside of music. 2018 is going to be my year to pick things back up and get it rolling again.

PRIME: Right on man, respect the work ethic and the desire to put out more content! You did put out your EP Renegade! What was the goal for that particular release?

WRCKTNGL: So, I’ve been messing with the “wave” sound for a good while now. Over the past two years I’ve seen the sound evolve into something more upbeat and dance like, which is not a bad thing at all, it’s good to see sounds evolve. The Renegade EP was my way of saying,  'hey, that sound is cool but I’m still over here making dark wave music.' Sounds silly, but I just wanted to let my listeners know that my sound isn’t going anywhere. I’ve done some more upbeat wave recently and for me personally, it’s just not my sound. It’s fun to mess with, but I’m more of a darker type of guy.

PRIME: Think it’s important to stick to what makes you happy musically! Noticing your music is pushing the boundaries of wave, why do you prefer it to be darker and more emotional?

WRCKTNGL: I’ve always been in love with darker music. It’s always fit me in a way. It expresses who I am and how I feel on a daily basis. One of my biggest inspirations is Breakage who always makes very deep music. So, when I make a track I try to emulate that feeling. Want it to sound very distant, but yet very close to the soul.

PRIME: Going off that, your track Seattle, you said that going there kind of inspired you to make that track! Would you say the environment you’re around or the vibe you’re feeling influences the music you make?

WRCKTNGL: Most definitely, the best time to create for me is 2 a.m. in any dark bedroom. It’s where all of my ideas start to just flood out. I can’t make music in different environments. For instance in Seattle, when I was working on that track I was in the same room with Brothel and Essex and it was hard making music around them. Luckily, once everyone went to bed I just started messing around on Ableton and the whole song just came together.

PRIME: Great story makes a lot more sense now! Going back to Breakage, what other artists/producers inspire you? Anything you’re digging at the moment?

WRCKTNGL: I would have to say Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Skream, and RVIDXR KLVN are just a few that have inspired me to produce! As of lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Lil Peep, Drum and Bass, and Reptilian God Mana!

PRIME: Taking all those inspirations, why did you want to start making music?

WRCKTNGL: Growing up I didn’t really have friends. Had some people who I hung out with, but no one I would really call a genuine friend. I’m also an only child so pretty much all the time I was by myself. Around age 12 I got into DJing, I wasn’t into sports, school or anything correlated to those things. I always loved listening to music and hearing Hudson Mohawke’s BBC Radio 1 Essential mix inspired me to start DJing. After a couple of years always being inside messing around on turntables, I became bored. I thought to myself, why don’t I start making music instead of playing it. Next thing I know I’m making beats in Ableton, pretty much spent most of my high school years making cool ass beats! Over time things started to click and my music started getting better and better!

PRIME: Inspirational! Would you say when you first started making beats to now, that your style has changed a lot over that period of time?

WRCKTNGL: Hell yeah! Over the years my ears have embraced certain styles, so now I try to mimic those styles but make them my own. So yeah it has definitely changed.

PRIME: When you play live shows do you prefer to play on turntables or keep it to CDJs?

WRCKTNGL: I learned how to DJ off a Traktor controller and that’s my go to usually, but I’ve been slowly transitioning towards CDJs. The problem I have is that no one owns CDJS, so the only practice time I get is when I’m actually playing a show. I would honestly be too afraid to touch actual turntables!

PRIME: You just recently played a show Brothel & Friends! How was that experience?

WRCKTNGL: It was really good! A lot more people showed up than what I expected! Everyone did a very good job! The gear caught everyone by surprise because the mixer didn’t have any effects and the CDJ’s didn’t have cue points, so everyone was sort of struggling and working a bit harder! All in all everyone killed it!

PRIME: Generally speaking how do you feel about wave music? Do you feel like wave this year is going to get more traction, especially in the states?

WRCKTNGL: When I first started making wave, there were no set boundaries. It was just whatever sounded cool and what fit into the aesthetic. Nowadays a couple of dudes have set boundaries, which can give it a unique sound but every song that gets released starts to sound the same with those boundaries, and I find that a bit annoying. Is it going somewhere? Yes for sure, I give it another year or two for it to evolve before the states start to recognize it and appreciate the sound. I remember when everyone hated Dubstep, now everyone and his or her grandma loves it.

PRIME: Could you give us any insight into the reason behind your name?

WRCKTNGL: When I was djing, I wanted to think of a cool name that represented what I was doing. When you DJ you’re basically mashing two tracks together, and you’re wrecking and tangling two tracks. So when I thought wreck and tangle, I just took out the vowels and that’s how I got my name WRCKTNGL! I was also at IKEA and I saw a vase that was shaped as a rectangle, which helped me out! Once I start gaining more of a larger fan base, I will be changing my name!

PRIME: That’s quite the story, why change your name?

WRCKTNGL: People love my real name, and they get confused on how to say WRCKTNGL.

PRIME: It is a cool name! Do you have any big plans for this year? Something maybe fans can look forward to?

WRCKTNGL: Once a month on TITAN they’ll be dropping a short EP with track from each musician! I’m going to be releasing singles left and right. I’m also planning to do a lot more shows, but as of right now that’s pretty much all I have!

PRIME: Wrapping up any last words or words of wisdom you’d like to bestow?

WRCKTNGL: If I had to say anything it would be to follow your dreams and do what you like to do! Life is too short to be worrying about the small things! One more thing, ladies, hit your boy up!

- Interview contributed by: Matthew Almaraz