PRIME is bringing back the video games, the music and the SUGAR FREE lifestyle. Jackal, Luca Lush and the cotton candy aesthetic took the crowd on an 8-bit journey, with RBC as our home.

Luca Lush's blue hair flung around the packed venue while his "Alone" remix crushed everybody's ears. His hair and the matching pink visuals set the SUGAR FREE mood inside, while the retro-video games set the tone outside. 

Watching friends race to the finish line of Rainbow Road or smash on Corneria made the crowd feel like they were 10 again. Jackal crunched the eardrums of the crowd, taking RBC to level 11 before Luca Lush joined Jackal on stage and smashed the A + B buttons for a massive 30 minute B2B set. capping off the sweaty night, jackal and Luca Lush officially shook the dust off the SUGAR FREE brand.

Like I said before, PRIME is bringing it back. SUGAR FREE is Dallas' latest obsession and coming back sooner than you think. You can find the same SUGAR FREE aesthetic coming up September 22nd with Manila Killa and Robotaki as well as October 28th with Ill.Gates and Champagne Drip. Get your tickets now below for the upcoming SUGAR FREE shows.

September 22nd | Manila Killa vs. Robotaki | RBC | Tickets

Manila Killa Robotaki show photo.jpg

October 28th | Ill.Gates and Champagne Drip | RBC | Tickets

ill.gates champagne drip show.jpg

curated by prime, sugar free's intimate parties feature rising dance music artists and throwback gaming action. This unique mix of music, retro-games, classic nightlife and 8-bit cotton candy aesthetic creates a truly unique and nostalgic atmosphere. People of all types connect, let loose and be themselves at sugar free, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

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