PRIME + TITAN SQUAD team up to present ESSEX's "Paisley" — stare into paisley designs and take a psychedelic journey with this new track

Why don't I just let ESSEX explain his newest track "Paisley," out now on PRIME and Titan Squad:

There aren't better words to describe "Paisley," but I'll try my hardest. This new dark trap tune flirts with the deepest parts of the psyche, the ones begging for release. Much like the paisley pattern found everywhere, ESSEX traps you in from the opening beat, intricately enveloping your mind with the music design before... 

Breaking down eardrums and the barriers ESSEX crafted, "Paisley" jumps off the pages, sending listeners through a psychedelic trance of vocal samples, all while the bass line rides through the mix. As quickly as it starts, it retreats and rebuilds into a second drop that has more power, more raw emotion, more of everything packed inside.

I dare you to stare at a paisley design while listening to this, like the one below. Warning, you may never make it out.

paisley design.jpg

You can find ESSEX next at Lights All Night in Dallas going B2B with Brothel as well as across all his socials. 


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