The Synthetic Automaton, 1788-L, is on our radar. How about yours?

1788-L appeared out of nowhere 2 months ago with the heaviest tracks of 2018. Reaching over 100k listens in under two weeks on a remix of Daft Punk's "Rinzler" from Tron, the anonymous artist is taking the industry by storm in 2018.

How big has 1788-L gotten? Rezz included 2 tracks in her set at BUKU and Ultra, including her own spin on the "Particle Arts" remix. Check out the video below from andres duran during buku:

Seven Lions decided to air out "Pulsar / Beam" as well during his set at Beyond Wonderland adding in that 1788-L touch.

Listening to each track; it is clear why the anonymous artist has exploded in 2018. Interweaving heavy electro and bass music in ways that our ears are still comprehending, each listen takes you deeper down the rabbit hole. "Pulsar / Beam" pounds sound systems with laser synths and overpowered bass while "Replica" builds tension from the very start before releasing you into the abyss at the 2:20 mark.

In true 2018 fashion, 1788-L couldn't not touch Virtual Self or Daft Punk and somehow came away with arguably better tracks than the originals.

An artist more focused on music...

No one is sure who or whom 1788-L is / are and frankly, we don't care. What resides in the brain of that synthetic automaton is something music seriously needs in 2018 and it couldn't have come any sooner. Finding musical projects focused solely on making dope music rather than vying for the most Instagram followers nowadays is rare and should be admired.

So what's next for 1788-L? 

Luckily we didn't have to wait long as 2 new tracks have been released in the past 2 weeks. The collaboration with 4AM "Multiverse" would probably be the best track released if 1788-L didn't top it with an incredible remix of Kraftwerk's timeless "Radioactivity." Don't believe me? Check them both out below:

"Multiverse" transcends the genre definition with an onslaught of face-melting synthesizers blowing speakers in the process before 1788-L opens the third eye with euphoric progressive chords mesmerizing listeners as tears fall down their faces.

The Automaton trades the euphoria of "Multiverse" with a psychedelic grime twist on Kraftwerk's memorable "Radioactivity" interlacing the iconic motif with gnarly synth riffs giving the 1975 original an impressive 2018 makeover.  

When someone asks where you were when 1788-L blew up, tell them you at the epicenter. Follow 1788-L now across all social channels and check back here at PRIME for more music like this.



Contributed by: Alex zimmerman